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01 March 2016

Idan Demos the New Ghost Fret by Chapman Guitars

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Hey Everybody!

Just in case you missed it, Idan had a great time demoing the new Ghost Fret by Chapman Guitars, recorded and shot at World of Music, Chapman’s Israeli distributor. You can watch it right over here on their website (Heb). Just click the pic and scroll down for the YouTube vid.

Idan demoing the new Ghost Fret!

Idan demoing the new Ghost Fret!

Idan had this to say on the guitar:

Well, first of all, it makes me look cool. No doubt about that! Other than that, it feel great, sounds great; stays in tune even in drop B(!), and looks beautiful. It’s affordable, and gets your creative (and other) juices flowing. Go check it out at your local distributor!